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WOT Efficiency Calculator

- Now with more java!

I was going to write up some huge page about this, then realized I should just explain the calculations and a quick how-to. Here you go. IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS, QUESTION, ERRORS, ETC, PLEASE USE THE WOT FORUMS THREAD. This applet requires that you have Java 7 installed. If you do, and it still bitches about an invalid version, double-check that you don't have older java versions installed still. Yes I wrote it in Java. Deal with it. No, I won't recompile for earlier versions. Not unless everyone has issues with it, anyway. IF YOU DID NOT ACCEPT THE SECURITY WARNING, RELOAD THE PAGE. Applets do not get file system access by default, so you won't be able to load a file if you don't .


If you already have your dossier converted into csv format, you can use the CSV button and select that file. If you don't, you'll need to hit Dossier, select your dossier file (imagine that), and wait a few seconds. Depending on your connection speed, it might take a while. Once your stats have been generated, use the list on the left to select a tank (or hit OVERALL for all tanks combined). You'll see a readout of your stats on the right, with the resulting scores for each stat on the far right. Your score is 1000 + all the individual scores. A "perfectly average" player should have an efficiency of 1000.


The basic concept is that each individual vehicle has different requirements based on what type of vehicle it is, as well as its role (for light tanks). Each vehicle also has a quota for the various stats that matter for its role, and those quotas are based in various ways on collected NA server data - some loosely, some tightly. The table below contains the current requirements per match.
Light Tank0.753.33*avg alpha1.780.7137.2%n/a
Medium Tank0.753.33*avg alpha1.780.7137.2%n/a
Heavy Tank0.753.33*avg alpha1.780.7137.2%n/a
Tank Destroyer0.753.33*avg alpha1.780.7137.2%n/a
Artilleryn/aSee below.n/an/aSee below.n/a
Scout Tankn/a1.66*avg alphan/an/an/a3-4, DR until 8.
Assault Scout0.756.0*avg alpha1.780.7137.2%n/a


Damage is important, but at some point, you're missing out on other things that could help your team win. Low cap scores indicate you might just be camping, for example. Maybe you're not as much of a front-line player as you could be, and that hurts your team. In any case, the basic idea is that lights, mediums, heavies, and TDs should be landing 3.33 solid hits per match, meaning your damage quota is based off the average alpha for that tank. Got an upgraded gun? Great, it's an advantage.
Damage suffers from diminishing returns in both directions: beating your quota earns you fewer points the more you deal, and falling short costs you fewer points the worse you do. After 2.0 or 0.5, no further effect occurs.

Scouts have reduced damage requirements (1.66 shots/match), while Assault Scouts - the AMX 13 75 and 13 90 - have increased ones, requiring 6 shots per match. I may rebalance other french tanks' requirements in the future, but those two have an uncanny ability to avoid being hit, zip up by a target, unload, and escape relatively unharmed, while tanks like the Lorraine get everyone's sights on them almost immediately.

Artillery is a bit of a special case. The low accuracy and fickle RNG had me baffled for a bit, until I finally settled on this: I made the assumption that whatever your hit ratio was, at least a quarter of your misses should be dealing splash damage. On average, hits should be dealing 1/2 the shell's rated damage (I went with the strongest gun for each SPG), minus some based on the average armor thickness you might encounter based on the tiers that particular SPG can fight according to the 7.3 MM chart. This led to your quota being based on a hit ratio quota that scales slowly as tier increases, with a quarter of the resulting misses being expected to deal splash.
What this means: If you pen, you get a bonus, because I assumed that none of your shots would. If your splash hits land closer to the target than 50% of your splash radius, you also get a bonus, as I assumed that on average, splash hits would land at 50% splash radius away from their target. Also, the better your hit ratio, the better your score (not surprisingly).
The result: Arty is still unpredictable at times, sadly. I had to mute its effects on your overall score, but for the most part, this felt like the best way to try to judge a player's skill. Luck IS heavily tied to arty, but someone who takes good, stable shots on targets seems to me to be more likely to at least hit with splash, so...


Spotting tanks is great, but realistically, only scouts should be getting points for spotting - it's what they're there for. Scouts are expected to detect 3 tanks per match, getting a steady bonus through 4, then diminishing returns up to 8 tanks per match. If your average survival time in a scout is under 60 seconds, you get nothing for spotting. If it's between 90 and 60 seconds, it gets scaled down linearly - 100% at 90 seconds, 0% at 60. In short, Suiscouts get kicked in the dick. You're not expected to do anything else except land a few shots here and there (less than other types), so the least you can do is put some effort into your role.